About the Author


Frustrated idealist? Black humorist? I seem to be big on droll parables that map the wretched and the absurd. 

It’s called comic fantasy.

I’m a California ex-pat and have lived in Asia for over 25 years. My stories are dappled with the character and spirit of Asian communities. I teach writing in university and have jotted quite a bit about the joys and sorrows of the creative process. 

I’ve settled on two places to live and write—Kyoto, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I use both cities as springboards for frequent forays to other regions of the world. 

I’m silly, and we really should write who we are. But I get these weird compulsions to lay down healthy streaks of horror, too. 

I like to write, and I hope you read me. 


Interview with Feathered Quill

“…I am influenced by my environment to some degree, but the stories I want to tell about the human condition can take place anywhere. There’s no getting the American-ness out of me.” 

Interview with Toebolt

“I write now because I can’t not write. Just ask my family: If I’m not plugging away at something, I’m not much fun to be around. I try to give myself the time to write.”

Interview with Literary Titan

“…I think that’s my job, my goal—to write characters and stories that are absurd, violent, childish, but that resonate with truth.”

Interview with Writers in Kyoto

“In creating the residents of Happy House, I mingled the characteristics of a few of the unique people I’ve met over the decades in Tokyo and in Los Angeles. In some cases, I didn’t need to exaggerate at all.”

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