About the Author


Frustrated idealist? Black humorist? I seem to be big on droll parables that map the wretched and the absurd. 

It’s called comic fantasy.

I’m a California ex-pat and have lived in Asia for over 25 years. My stories are dappled with the character and spirit of Asian communities. I teach writing in university and have jotted quite a bit about the joys and sorrows of the creative process. 

I’ve settled on two places to live and write—Kyoto, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I use both cities as springboards for frequent forays to other regions of the world. 

I’m silly, and we really should write who we are. But I get these weird compulsions to lay down healthy streaks of horror, too. 

I like to write, and I hope you read me. 

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