The Assunta Trilogy

Happy New Year, everyone, from Kyoto, Japan! I’m writing this blog in the wonderful week between Christmas and New Years, that time of love and cheer. No one knows what day it is. Time doesn’t really exist. Actually, the whole idea of existence is befuddling. So why not celebrate? People rejoice in their shared humanityContinue reading “The Assunta Trilogy”

Character vs. Story

Snarky Muse: Why are you so mean to your characters? Me: Hey, they face adversity. This is how they grow. This is what makes them interesting. I want to write about characters and stories that captivate me. Usually, they come from some amalgam of people or events that have impacted my world; people I’ve envied,Continue reading “Character vs. Story”

Magic Beans vs. Doodoo

My stories start out as ordinary beans. I like to think of them as such. I don’t know what I have, but I’m compelled to water these beans. Shoots then grow into stems and my beanstalk matures. Sometimes the stems die; the story loses life. Then I travel along my beanstalk and find new stemsContinue reading “Magic Beans vs. Doodoo”

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