Hollyweird Needs

In a time-worn shopping center on the fringes of Hollywood, California, teens in a special needs school have discovered an extraordinary arcade claw-game that offers tickets for the lucky winners to visit the past.

But the adults, especially those in the nearby screenwriting workshop, catch wind of the teens’ exploits, and in their own clumsy attempts to leap back into the past, tear a hole in the dimensions of time and space.

That’s when the monsters come through.

The Butts Plaza shopping center falls under siege, what with giant man-eating worms, dragons from the under-world, brain-eating zombies, killer monkey-birds, a deadly, gargantuan bouncing head, and even the Terminator—on a mission to terminate.

It turns out that forays done willy-nilly through the time continuum have consequences—mainly that the monstrosities featured in the adults’ screenplays come to life. Now the little shopping center has turned into a mish-mash of horrific goings-on. 

The teens, all on various stages of the autism spectrum, must rescue the adults in Butts Plaza (and maybe the whole wide world!) from the horrors pouring through that hole in the sky.

And all of this begs the question—Who are the ones with special needs, anyway?


Hollyweird Needs: when monsters fell from a hole in the sky
(Kindle and paperback)

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