Magic Beans Summer Spotlight

This summer’s comic fantasy spotlight is on… Charlie Kaufman!!! Everybody knows Charlie Kaufman, right? He’s an American screenwriter, producer, director. He wrote, among many others, the films Being John Malkovich (1999), Adaptation (2002), and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004), three scripts that appear in the Writers Guild of America‘s list of the 101 greatest movie screenplays ever written. In 2020,Continue reading “Magic Beans Summer Spotlight”

Cohesion and Double Mumbo Jumbo in “Hollyweird Needs”

Interviewer: So, you’ve finished your ninth novel. What’s it about? Me: It’s about teens on the autism spectrum who discover time travel. Interviewer: (hissing and arching back) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Haven’t you ever heard of double mumbo-jumbo? Me: This isn’t double mumbo-jumbo. Interviewer: (narrowing eyes) How why not? Me: How why not? Is that English?Continue reading “Cohesion and Double Mumbo Jumbo in “Hollyweird Needs””

Contrast, Pacing and Secrets in Project Purple

SM (Snarky Muse): Why so glum? Me: I’m an Indie writer with marketing blues. Someone’s got to sell the stuff I write, and the family cat (now licking its butt on the windowsill with an impressive leg extension) isn’t exactly volunteering.  SM: So, it’s all up to you.  Me: Yeah, but I get distracted. First, IContinue reading “Contrast, Pacing and Secrets in Project Purple”

Neurosis and Dialog in “Plum Rains on Happy House”

Me: I have to finish my ninth book, but this one is hard. I think all this alone time is starting to get to me. Snarky Muse (SM): What do you mean alone time? You’ve got me—I’m your inspirational muse. Me: I still feel alone. I’m starting to think it’s unhealthy. All I seem toContinue reading “Neurosis and Dialog in “Plum Rains on Happy House””

Post #6 — juice and Heart (Moon Dogg)

I often mumble incoherently. “Mom says you’re talking to yourself again,” my daughter yells through the door of my small study. I’m an indie writer. I’m self-employed. The mumbling—it’s a staff meeting. Sometimes I have to raise my voice to make a point. But she can hear me in the kitchen, which is directly belowContinue reading “Post #6 — juice and Heart (Moon Dogg)”