Contrast, Pacing and Secrets in Project Purple

SM (Snarky Muse): Why so glum? Me: I’m an Indie writer with marketing blues. Someone’s got to sell the stuff I write, and the family cat (now licking its butt on the windowsill with an impressive leg extension) isn’t exactly volunteering.  SM: So, it’s all up to you.  Me: Yeah, but I get distracted. First, IContinue reading “Contrast, Pacing and Secrets in Project Purple”

Neurosis and Dialog in “Plum Rains on Happy House”

Me: I have to finish my ninth book, but this one is hard. I think all this alone time is starting to get to me. Snarky Muse (SM): What do you mean alone time? You’ve got me—I’m your inspirational muse. Me: I still feel alone. I’m starting to think it’s unhealthy. All I seem toContinue reading “Neurosis and Dialog in “Plum Rains on Happy House””

Post #6 — juice and Heart (Moon Dogg)

I often mumble incoherently. “Mom says you’re talking to yourself again,” my daughter yells through the door of my small study. I’m an indie writer. I’m self-employed. The mumbling—it’s a staff meeting. Sometimes I have to raise my voice to make a point. But she can hear me in the kitchen, which is directly belowContinue reading “Post #6 — juice and Heart (Moon Dogg)”

First Drafts—Magic Beans or Doodoo?

My stories start out as ordinary beans. I like to think of them as such. I don’t know what I have, but I’m compelled to water these beans. Shoots then grow into stems and my beanstalk matures. Sometimes the stems die; the story loses life. Then I travel along my beanstalk and find new stemsContinue reading “First Drafts—Magic Beans or Doodoo?”